With top-notch expertise, our commitment to positive aging, and compassion for the entertainment and performing arts community, The Actors Fund Home team is dedicated to helping our residents live healthy, rich and fulfilling lives.


Jordan Strohl
201.871.8882 ext. 501

Lucy Seligson, LCSW
Assistant Administrator
201.871.8882 ext. 502


Medical Team

Dr. Jay S. Meyerowitz, MD
Medical Director

Maria Box
Director of Nursing
201.871.8882 ext. 507

Laura White, LCSW
Director of Admissions 
201.871.8882 ext. 543


Recreation, Facilities, Food Service

Yalile Alzate
Director of Recreation & Volunteers
201.871.8882 ext. 548

Igor Denisenko
Director of Facilities Operations
201.871.8882 ext. 545

Ruben Ousley
Director of Food Services
201.871.8882 ext. 533